BodyFit Mons® - Trade show Fitness - Wellness - Health - Combat Sports (Belgium) - Overview of the 2018 edition
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Lots of activities accessible to all visitors have been planned (included in the 10€ entrance ticket to the trade fair):

Zumba® session

Zumba® Session

Zumba® Kids session

Zumba® Kids Session

Strong by Zumba®session

Strong By Zumba® Session

Sessions Radical Fitness®

Hyper C®
Fight Do®

Top Ride®
U Bound®



Group class, fun, cardio, hip hop, old school, easy, revival, pleasure of moving, anti-stress, new...
If these words bring a smile to your face or simply give rise to a crazy desire to move, this class was designed for you!
🎧 What’s REEJAM? 👇
REEJAM is a choreographed group cardio class, accessible to all!
It’s made up from simplified hip hop combinations mixed with modern fitness training techniques. And all this against the punchy sounds from the 90s 🔥
It’s a bit like an evening out partying with friends, added to which, you’re burning calories! So much fun! 🆒💂♀️
What are the benefits?
✅ Improving coordination
✅ Intense cardiovascular training
✅ Pleasure of dance movements
✅ Burning calories (almost 600 calories in one hour!)

There’s not much jumping in a REEJAM class so there’s little impact to joints.

Masterclass Pound® Fit
Magda Franceschino

Pound® Fit

Pound® is the first cardio jam class in the world to be inspired by the energising, infectious and sweaty pleasure of drumming.
POUND® is a complete cardio jam class which involves the low resistance and constant simulation of a drumkit. The training session combines cardio exercises and Pilates with isometric movements, and plyometrics. It strengthens and sculpts rarely used muscles. Thanks to continuous movements of the upper body with the use of slightly weighted sticks, called Ripstix™, you will burn calories and get rid of those unwanted extra kilos by drumming. A mix of rock, rap, dubstep, pop and early music in the POUND® series will set the rhythm for your training sessions!

Masterclass Pound® Fit
Luna - Elgo® Dance


Elgo® is an innovative concept which mixes fitness with sensual, dynamic dance. It’s an impressive, innovative style which allows you to tune in with your femininity while also working deep muscles, and in particular, the thighs-abs-bum areas.
The discipline was created to be practised without risk of injury in heels. Although it’s not obligatory, they are advised so you can use your stabilising muscles more and strengthen proprioception.
The fitness-repetition format of classes means you use dance techniques to shape up your body, making it accessible to everybody. The coaches, called ‘meneuses’ (cheerleaders), are available to offer you alternatives.
Let yourself go and regain self-confidence, in a fun atmosphere for women. Elgo® is more than a just class: it also improves personal development and self-esteem.


Steve-Clarke MWB Sports & Fitness

Circuit Training

Circuit Training demonstrations and beginners’ classes led by Steve Clarke, head of MWB Sports & Fitness of SHAPE/NATO
Circuit training is a training method which consists in doing lots of exercises one after another, with very little, or even no, recovery time. Once all the movements have been done, the sequence is repeated again from the beginning.
Circuit training was probably developed by R.E. Morgan and G.T. Anderson in 1953 at Leeds University in England. The initial format of this type of training includes 9 to 12 sessions. Each exercise is done for 15 to 45 seconds, or repeated 8 to 20 times, with a load of 40 to 60% of your max. Between each exercise there is very little or no recovery time (30 seconds maximum). The complete circuit can be made 3 times of more, for efforts lasting between 20 minutes and 1 hour.

Circuit Training

Démonstrations de Street Workout

Le street workout (littéralement « entraînement de rue ») est une pratique sportive à mi-chemin entre la gymnastique et la musculation. Mélangeant figures de force, de souplesse et d'équilibre, c'est un loisir qui se pratique essentiellement en extérieur.

  • Boterdael Freddy, alias Kallos, 34ans, belge originaire de Mons, animateur sportif, athlète pro, juge, coach sportif, pratiquants de street workout depuis 2013 et pionnier de ce sport en Belgique, participant dans 30 compétitions pro, 18 victoires obtenues, champion de Belgique et d’Europe mais aussi 12eme mondiale, juge dans 16 compétitions, créateur de Showdown Academy et de asbl New hope.
  • Remi Laly, 23 ans français originaire de Maubeuge athlète semi pro, pratique le street workout depuis 2 ans, aucune compétition pour le moment à mon actif, Team Showdown Academy.
  • Kalahan, champion, athlète pro, 19 ans vit a Courtrai, originaire de Menin, pratique le street workout depuis 2ans, participant dans 4 compétition pro, 2 victoires remportése, 64 kg, 1m73, Team Showdown Academy.
  • Mazzeo Nathan, belge, 23 ans, 1m78, 64 kilos, originaire de Mons, 3ans de pratique dans le street workout, Team Showdown Family, participé à 4 compétitions pro.
  • Brendon Blois, belge, 18ans, originaire de Saint Denis, Team Showdown Academy, pratiquant de street workout depuis un peut plus de un an, participant dans 2 compétitions semi pro, 2 victoires remportées.
Street Workout

Démonstrations de Salsa

L’asbl Sabor del Caribe est une association de personnes motivées et bénévoles ayant pour but de promouvoir, de manière nationale et internationale, la méthode originale d’apprentissage des danses afro-caribéennes et de salon cubaines professées par IVAN HIDALGO O’FARRILL.
Elle poursuit la réalisation de son but par tous les moyens et notamment par :
- l'organisation de cours et de stages de danse,
- l'organisation d'évènements, de spectacles, d'expositions, de démonstrations, de voyages, de congrès ou de séminaires ainsi que toutes activités ayant un rapport direct ou indirect avec son objet social.

Le parcours professionnel d’Ivan Hidalgo O’Farrill

•       Ivan démarre sa carrière de danseur professionnel en 1986.
•       En 1989, il se spécialise en « Travail culturel éducatif ».  Il se forme à l’école supérieure artistique (La Havane). Là, il y reçoit une formation de danseur et de professeur de danse cubaine et afro-cubaine.
•       A l’âge de 18 ans, il remporte le championnat national de Chachacha à La Havane.
•       En 2010, il devient « Instructeur officiel de Zumba (basic 1 & 2) ».
•       Aujourd’hui, il excelle dans divers domaines tels que professeur, animateur, formateur de professeurs et danseurs et créateur de la Méthodologie pour apprendre à danser.

Si vous souhaitez plus de renseignements, je suis joignable les après-midi au numéro suivant : 0471/43.89.93

Ivan Hidalgo O’Farrill
Ivan Hidalgo O’Farrill

The event you mustn’t miss!

2nd edition of the BodyFit-Mons Trade Fair on 26 and 27 October 2019
Join us again at the trade fair for professionals and enthusiasts in the field of sport and health. For 2 days, you can test your physical condition and compare, choose and purchase products and equipment.
Come and take part in the BodyFit-Mons events organised for you by professionals of the trade. Discover the various podiums, conferences and many other meet-ups which aim to introduce news and trends in the field of fitness.
Develop your activities! BodyFit-Mons is the only trade fair in Belgium where you can meet professionals of fitness, wellness and sports for health.


Our trade fair takes place over 2 days with the aims of creating new contacts and developing your network so you can meet employers or prospective employers, sporting associations, coaches and many others…
For this 2nd edition, we are counting on doubling the number of exhibitors as well as the number of visitors.

  1. Various possibilities are offered so you can take advantage of the publicity campaigns.
  1. All the fitness, well-being, coaching, practical training, training, services, digital advice and computer apps sectors will be present.
  2. Items such as equipment, accessories, sports nutrition, sportswear and food products are welcome.
  3. We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to carry out demonstrations on one of the podiums available for you.


Obtain further information from one of our staff members.

  • Would you like to BECOME AN EXHIBITOR?
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us using the form
Or by telephone with one of our staff members


1st edition

3 days

11 511 visitors

52 exhibitors

+50 events

2018 Video

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2018 Pictures


The first edition of the BodyFit-Mons Trade Fair was a really good experience for MATRIX.
Over 3 days, we were able to meet major players from the fitness and get-fit market at our stand.

This first edition in Belgium showed how important it is for us to attend this trade fair, to present our latest news, such as the S-Force performance trainer. This trade fair fits well with our vision of how the sector is evolving.


Our goal is to present our eGYM gear and training equipment: Made in Germany high-tech for every sports hall.

We were satisfied with the organisation of this first edition, and we are looking forward to the second edition to show off our expertise once again.

I was greatly surprised by the influx of visitors during this first edition. The BodyFit-Mons Trade Fair was a good investment for us.

Kiki Miranda Sr. Events Project Manager
On behalf of Zumba Fitness LLC, we would like to thank BodyFit-Mons 2018 for an excellent trade show! We recognize that takes a lot of work and a really team effort to put together a such event and we were really proud to be part of it.
This is definitely a trade show to be, if you are looking to expand your business either in Belgium and other countries around!

How to take part

You have the opportunity to reserve a stand, equipped or not, measuring from 9m² to over 150m². Depending on your requirements and technical needs, we also offer various open elements, or an island, for a stand which will draw the public’s attention to you even more. You can also order extra equipment to equip and enhance your stand.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about prices and conditions for taking part.

How to increase your visibility

If you’d like to heighten your visibility within the trade fair and with young people, we offer a variety of solutions:

  • Insert an advert in our catalogue, published in a print-run of 15 000 copies which are distributed to all the visitors at the trade fair entrance.
  • Reserve a banner on our site. This means our visitors can prepare their visit in advance and arrive at the trade fair with a ‘personalised route’ which is specific to their centres of interest, and check out the stands which are the most likely to meet their requirements.
  • Organise events and demonstrations to encourage a dynamic exchange with the public.
  • Develop and host a conference to grab the attention of a higher number of people or to reach a particular core target.
Develop a partnership at the fair and an exchange of services to significantly increase your notoriety before, during, and after the trade fair.